About Advanced Face and Body

Advanced Face and Body is proud to specialise in a large range of modern and medical-grade face and body treatments including Fat Freezing Cryolipolysis and Face and Body HIFU.

Our unique Ultrasonic Fat Cavitation with RF treatment methods follow over 20 years of extensive research and experience helping clients achieve their desired body goals. Treatments are performed within our clinical and comfortable location in Bondi Junction and we offer a range of premium and unique services that target body sculpting, face lifting, skin wellness, anti-aging, and nutrition.

Advanced Face and Body has a large range of treatments on offer and we are always growing and adding to the very best advances to health and beauty available on the market, using safe and technologically advanced equipment.

From RF to lift and plump your skin, fat freezing, or Ultra Hifu 3600 for non-surgical face lifting and LIPOgen body HIFU for permanent fat reduction.

The choices can be overwhelming so it's best to drop us an email and list your areas of concern, we can then put together a treatment plan and a quote for you and we work within your personal time frame and budget.

With highly trained, professional body treatment specialists and a commitment to the health and safety of each one of our clients – Advanced Face and Body is your best choice for body sculpting, face treatments, wellness, anti-aging, and nutrition.


Clients can email an enquiry HERE or to speak with one of our friendly specialists please call 02 9386 9273


"I had the Lipogen body HIFU treatment on my inner thighs and stomach about three months ago, and the results have been way better than I imagined! I'm pretty fit, but those were two stubborn areas that diet and exercise just wouldn't shift. Within about 8 weeks of the treatment, I'd lost 2 centimeters off thigh measurement, and had my inner thigh muscle definition back. My abs have reappeared - especially obliques - and I've lost 4cm on my lower belly/flanks. So motivating...Highly recommend!!"

Toni M - LipoGen HiFU Client

"Wow what an amazing experience! Don't hesitate. If you are considering Ultherapy (HiFU Face) go to this clinic!
My results, the service, the price, the whole experience - amazing. I will be back again and again. A really beautiful and warm space. I look forward to my next visit."

Anita - HiFU Facelift Client