Weight Loss and Wellness Programs

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Sometimes we need a little help in achieving our wellness and weight loss goals. The problem is not necessarily a bad lifestyle it's sometimes hormone-related or other such factors like inflammation due to poor gut health.

Advanced Face and Body Clinics body treatment plans can include a seven-day nutritional cleansing pack and a mixture of fat cavitation and fat freezing to guarantee you excellent results.

Whilst the nutritional cleansing reboots your liver for optimum health, the body treatments override your sluggish system to force weight loss or muscle growth with toning and overall body sculpting.

Your Advanced Face and Body Clinics body treatment plans are the ideal solution if you need a boost to your confidence and would like to be supported throughout your journey,

Results are guaranteed!!

Treatment plans are tailored to your needs and usually, our guests visit us twice a week for four weeks.

Our most popular four-week program:

2 x Fat Freezing on x 4 areas

6 x Fat Cavitation on 2 areas

6 x Laser Lipo on 2 areas

1 x Bestow Nutritional Cleansing 7 day Pack to restore gut health

Note: your cleanse pack includes special gut health teas and oils, daily rituals and recipes and access to online support through the Bestow portal.

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7 Day Gut Health Cleanse

Your Pack includes:

  • 1 x Bestow Beauty Plus Oil (full-size)

  • 1 x Bestow Gut Love + (full-size)

  • 2 x Bestow Beauty Powder (sample sizes)

  • 5 x Bestow Organic Herbal Tea (sample sizes)

  • 1 x Bestow Body Brush

  • 1 x Bestow Tea Infuser

  • 1 x Bestow Blessings Journal 

  • The Bestow Online Cleanse Programme

Bestow rituals are beautiful habits that support your health and wellness over your lifetime.

Bestow Beauty is a range of skin super-foods, but it is much more than that. It is a philosophy and holistic approach for total skin and body well-being. We promote wellness in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions of people’s lives.

Bestow Beauty exists in the space where healthy skin and nails meet self-care and total body wellness.

If your life is harried and stressed and characterised by negative mental patterns, you are unlikely to make the empowering choices that lead to health and wellness.

On the other hand, we notice that the people who take time to build healthy habits into their life enjoy greater health and more beautiful skin over the decades. This is why we embrace the power of rituals at Bestow.

Rituals are beautiful habits that support your health and wellness over your lifetime.

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