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Fracelated RF Skin Resurfacing


"This revolutionary treatment can be used on the Face and on the Body to resurface your skin, great for stretch marks and sagging and pigmented skin"


Fracelated RF resurfacing, also known as fractional radiofrequency, is a great combination of technology for skin plumping and tightening. It targets fine lines, big pores, loose skin, acne scarring, and stretch marks so that patients can work towards getting the flawless skin of their dreams.

We all want to have immaculate skin at all ages and not everyone wants to look stretched or overfilled, just natural because we want to age elegantly.

When you start to notice the signs of aging and are ready to address fine lines and wrinkles or if you have skin texture imperfections like acne scarring or age spots, Fracelated RF Resurfacing is a great option for non-surgical treatments that address these issues with minimal downtime so you can get out to an event within one week.

Fracelated RF resurfacing benefits:

Overall improvement of skin texture with minimal downtime

Those who want to minimise their large or open pores

Improving skin tone

Skin tightening

Acne scars and other scar reduction (see before and afters)

Improving pigmentation and sun damage

Active acne

Reducing spider veins

Improving stretch marks

Improving loose body skin, especially after pregnancy and/or weight loss

How does Fracelated RF Skin Resurfacing work?

The micro-needling creates clear micro channels into the superficial layers of the skin causing skin regeneration and collagen stimulation. The RF creates heat energy creating tissue remodeling and production of new collagen and elastin.

The Fracelated RF resurfacing skin treatment device also uses red LED for skin rejuvenation and healing and the blue light for bacteria-fighting depending on your individual skin concern.

The Treatment

The patient will arrive at their appointment time and receive a numbing cream application, and then their face will be cleansed and the treatment itself will take 30-45 minutes depending on area.

Which areas can be treated?

Any skin of the face and body can be treated. The most popular areas are face, neck, decolletage, hands, stomach, or hips.

How do I look after a treatment? What is the recovery time?

You will look red and sometimes swollen after a treatment. Please see the image below of our patient after we have treated one side. How you look after your treatment will be determined by which settings we use, which we can discuss with you at your appointment so that you can make sure we fit the treatment to your available downtime.

With a light treatment upon request, you will be red for an hour or so and then the redness will subside allowing for limited downtime which is good for people preparing for events.

The clear microchannels created by the Fracelated RF Resurfacing treatment will take 4 - 6 hours to close whilst your body's natural defense against the environment sets in. We ask that you take it easy for the following 48 hours and limit any physical activity or non-sterile environments to allow the skin time to heal and rejuvenate.



Full Face Neck and Decollete - $999

Full Face - $680

Body I area (size of an A4 piece of paper) - $999

Body 2 areas - $1,495


Jump on our online live chat now.  Our friendly customer support team is here to help with any questions you may have, or to make a booking. 

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