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Hifu Body Lipogen

Lose one dress size on your lunch break!

LIPOgen HIFU Body Shaping or High Intensity Focused Ultrasound, is a type of non-invasive and painless procedure that will help reduce subcutaneous fat on areas like the stomach, inner thighs and upper arms. The treatment will last for one to two years and does not have adverse effects on the skin.

LIPOgen HIFU Body Shaping can also be used for treating cellulite and tightening connective tissues for skin lifting.

HIFU uses highly concentrated ultrasound waves to penetrate several layers under the skin. This action stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. In approximately three months, the final results will become visible, however around 15% improvement can often be observed just 48 hours after treatment.

When the LIPOgen advanced cooling head is applied to the skin, high intensity focused ultrasound accelerates and activates the body’s natural healing abilities and releases triglycerides from the fat cells, particularly in the stomach, waist, inner thighs and upper arms. As a result, fat reduces and the skin tightens and becomes more firm, great for fat reduction and reducing sagging skin.

The method is natural, requiring no cream, artificial fillers, or toxins. What it does is trigger the body to regenerate tissues naturally and release fat from the body. The treatment is capable of targeting deeper skin layers, hence the epidermis or skin surface remains unaffected. There are no special precautions to follow immediately after treatment and it is possible to return to your work or usual activities right away.

LIPOgen Body High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) compared to Liposuction Cosmetic Surgery

  • Non-Invasive and Zero Incisions

  • Less than $2000

  • No downtime

  • Mild Side Effects

  • Lasts for up to 2 years

  • Non Invasive process with no incisions and stitches

  • No bruising

  • No side effects from bleeding or infection

  • Long term effects

Why HIFU is Safe

Unlike other types of skin treatments, HIFU’s high frequency ultrasound beams treat only the target site under the surface of the skin.


Hence, it does not cause damage to the epidermis or upper layers of the skin and surrounding tissue.

Is LIPOgen HIFU Body Shaping Contraindicated to Anyone?

Although safe, HIFU is not recommended for everyone. People who have photo-damaged skin or those who have very loose skin may require multiple treatments before seeing positive results.

Severe skin sagging particularly on the stomach area or those whos have had extensive photo-ageing may not benefit from HIFU. Better results could be had with cosmetic surgery.

HIFU is also contraindicated for individuals who have skin infections or open wounds, hernias, or metallic implants in the treatment. Please consult with your GP if you are unsure and notify your body treatment specialist of any existing conditions which may affect your suitability for this treatment.

What are the side effects of LIPOgen HIFU Body Shaping

HIFU is a safe treatment with no downtime. You can immediately resume normal day-to-day activities since there is no damage to the upper skin layers. Some individuals may experience slight redness and/or swelling but these will resolve quickly. A slight tingling sensation or sensitivity in the treated area may also be experienced but this will only last for a few weeks. There have been rare cases of temporary numbness and bruising but these will generally disappear within a short time. There are also cases where one could develop erythema and oedema.

LIPOgen HIFU Body Shaping Pros and Cons:


  • Very Safe and Non-Invasive.

  • Surgery is not required.

  • Using the simulation of the natural detoxification process in your fat cells, so the final look is natural and smooth

  • Short treatment period and recovery period meaning there is no downtime for you

  • Most people will be able to try LIPOgen HIFU Body Shaping​


  • A couple of weeks to see results due to the natural metabolic process of the body

  • Full effects will only be felt after 2 - 3 months

  • Repeated treatments required to maintain the look, usually every 2 years.

  • Some people might experience redness or swelling post HIFU, but it should clear up fast.

Is LIPOgen HIFU Body Shaping Painful?

During the treatment, the patient may feel warm in the area of treatment, along with some mild tingling. To allow the HIFU machine handpiece to glide smoothly over the skin, ultrasound gel is applied, allowing the ultrasound pulses to travel unimpeded through the layers of the skin. The target area is treated using multiple shots to maximize the effects on the fat cells. The treatment is similar to the feeling of a slight prickly sensation or having tiny electrical pulses applied to the skin but many people feel nothing at all.

Before your treatment, your Body Treatment Specialist will discuss with you your health history and skin condition to ensure that your HIFU treatment is effective, enjoyable and safe.


Are You Suitable for LIPOgen HIFU Body Shaping?

LIPOgen HIFU Body Shaping will not replace the effects of surgical liposuction but it is considered a solution for people who want skin lifting and fat reduction but do not want to undergo surgery for whatever reason. Other people, might be those who have undergone liposuction cosmetic surgery and want to smooth and improve their results.


As with any aesthetic or non-surgical treatment, the price will vary and range depending on how many treatments and combination of treatments you require to reach your aesthetic goals. We recommend you start with 2 sessions in your body area of concern and we release great specials every month that can be viewed HERE










































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